Tactical Warrior Tanto Full Tang Emergency Outdoor Survival Gear Boot Knife .

July 22, 2018 - Comment


Jarred says:

Good but Good little knife came Razer Sharp but 4 small problems.1 it’s hard to pull out or replace the knife in to the case.2 the image shows a ball necklace and it came with a plastic rope.3 there is only 2 holes in the sheath so it will be hard to mount it to a boot and be stabal4 the whistle is loud but not very stable when I pulled it out it fell about 6 inches and the inner part of the whistle went flying across the room. If I was out in the woods I may never have found it and it took some time to fit it in right.The only real complaints I have is about the sheath but the knife is good. But the only complaint I have about the knife it self is I wish it was just a bit thicker.All and all it’s a good knife.

Pnevma says:

Serious irritation issues when using as a boot knife Not a bad knife, just not a great one either. I was mostly interested in utilizing it as a boot knife. Yes, I was aware that they had to be laced up into the boot and I was fine with that. What I’m not fine with is the handle constantly rubbing against and jabbing my shin, all day long. If it were a small thing that happened once in a while it would be fine, but it’s constant with every step, and that just isn’t going to work. I might string it back into a necklace knife to use as a hiking backup, although I’m not sure the blade would tolerate any excessive use. For the price it’s not a total loss, but not what I was really hoping for.

EJ says:

The whistle is not very good, but if I ever need it It’s OK, and that’s exactly what I wanted- I knew a $7 knife would have some cost-cutting qualities to it. I bought this knife to live out in the shed and use for yardwork and such things that require a disposable knife.the knife came sharp enough to use as a knife. The sheath is hard plastic that has a friction-clip to hold the knife in the sheath. It does require some extra effort to get it to lock in the sheath and to remove it. The whistle is not very good, but if I ever need it, I won’t criticize. The handle is not all metal. The inner frame is plastic, which would bother me if I expected a better knife.I’ll never put this in my boot laces like the picture. That looks downright painful.

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