Condor Watch Cap (OliveDrab)

July 22, 2018 - Comment

– Imported Synthetic Microfleece Watch Cap. – Foliage Green is worn with ACU uniforms. – One Size Fits Most

– Imported Synthetic Microfleece Watch Cap. – Foliage Green is worn with ACU uniforms. – One Size Fits Most


Melissa says:

Perfect Watchcap I absolutely love this cap! The fabric is very soft, and feels durable and well constructed. As far as the fit goes, I’m a lady with a pretty small head, but I have quite a thick ponytail and prefer a larger fitting cap. I was half-expecting to be swimming in this one, but the fit is perfect for me. In my opinion, the OD color is on point: not too greenish or bluish. The value is the best part– I’ve searched other tactical retailers, and found that most of them are offering a very similar product for double the price. I will definitely be ordering more. 🙂

Ronald W. Harrison says:

My Hands-Down Favorite Cap for Cooler Weather! Holding Up To Heavy Use! I cringe when I see a 5-star rating from someone who obviously just opened the package, slipped the clothing item on, and ran to their computer to talk about how great the item is. Sure, having everything look good and fit, right out of the package is great, but the REAL test is how it will do when you’re wearing it and after a few launderings.Let me tell you that this cap has stood up to countless miles of backpacking, soaking up a fair amount of sweat, and has survived the resulting washings with style. This thing is clocking some miles and still going strong.I try to balance being prepared with being frugal. I like this cap SO much, I’ve toyed with the idea of buying another (Can’t beat the price, either!), just to have in case I lose or wear out the first one!

JY says:

It’s a very nice fleece cap for the price, you cannot go wrong buying this. It’s a fleece beanie, it’s warm, comfortable, it works…what else can I say about it?I lost my Army issued cap and ordered this one as a replacement and love it. No issues and the coloration on it is fine (olive drab). Fits like the GI issued one but seems a bit lighter and not as snug but that isn’t an issue. I’ve been wearing it almost everyday (1 month) with no issues of it coming apart and the stitching is fine. I will probably buy another one for my wife since she lost her’s too. We tend to lose a lot of things while hiking in the woods, good for Condor – sucks for us I guess.Thanks for the read, if my liked my review Press that Yes button below so that I will know what to review next time. –JY

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